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Aircraft Insurance Update – December 2022

Posted By Benjamin Peterson

Published December 9, 2022

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Quick market update for aircraft insurance in December.

  • Insurance companies start to renew their reinsurance treaties between December and February. I’ve heard there’s some big increases in their premiums which will be passed along to the aircraft owners in 2023.
  • Aircraft with a hull value over $6,000,000 single pilot is quota share 50/50%
  • There’s still competition among insurance companies for high quality accounts
  • I’ve been accepted to the HAI Aviation Insurance Working Group (AIWG); first meeting is 12/14. I’ll report back for the January newsletter on updates and what I hear.
DateMakeModelType of PilotHull ValuePremium
Dec 2022Daher960Owner Pilot Upgrading from TBM 850$4,800,000$60,000
Dec 2022PiaggioP180Pro Pilot Experienced$3,500,000$29,000
Dec 2022Cessna310Owner Pilot 1,300 Tota Time$150,000$5,000
Dec 2022CitationMustangOwner Pilot Experienced$2,350,000$27,000
Dec 2022PilatusPC-12Upgrading from a Cirrus SR22; Low Time Transition Pilot; Dual Pilot for 100 Hours$4,800,000$37,000
Dec 2022CitationCJ4Pro Pilot Experienced$4,400,000$27,000
Dec 2022Cirrus SR20PRIV working on INST$400,000$9,600
Dec 2022PiperM600Owner Pilot Experienced$2,500,000$29,000
Dec 2022CitationSovereign+Pro Pilots$12,500,000$53,000

What We’re Talking About

Do Student Pilots and CFI’s need Non-Owned Insurance? This is our most recent article about flight schools, CFIs, and Student Pilots. Also many charter clients purchase Non-Owned Insurance to protect themselves, their families, and their companies from liability from any third party. It includes the cost for professional defense, bodily injury, and property damage.

Benjamin Peterson

Graduated from the University of North Dakota with a degree in Commercial Aviation as a Pilot and Flight Instructor. My first professional job was working for Cirrus Aircraft as an instructor.

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