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Aircraft Valuation

3 Methods of Calculating Value

The aviation industry values your aircraft depending on a number of factors. Bluebook is like an aircraft appraisal. Aircraft appraisals an Average, High End, and Low End valuation depending on condition, airframe time and installations. The following represent the cost methods used in arriving at an insurable value:

  1. Historical Cost – The original cost of the property paid by the company. Generally, this is a poor indicator of the cost to replace the property at today’s prices.
  2. Aircraft Bluebook – For a professional appraiser or accurate appraisal and compatibles on sites such as Controller.com for verified values
  3. Replacement Cost – One of the most useful standards. It often involves Bluebook plus 10% of additional fees and services to secure a like kind replacement aircraft.

Request an aircraft valuation

The aviation insurance industry is often very familiar with the average aircraft valuation based on the year, make and model of your aircraft. Please contact us if you would like an accurate assessment of your aircraft valuation from Aircraft Bluebook. This can be cross referenced with current lists on Controller.com and aircraft sales brokers.

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Factors That Impact Aircraft Values

The value of the aircraft is often closely monitored by the aircraft owner, similar to the value of a luxury watch or tickers in the stock market. The main factors that are involved are:

  1. Year
  2. Make and Model
  3. Equipment Installed
  4. Accuracy of the maintenance logs
  5. Time Between Overhaul for the Airframe and Engine
  6. Paint
  7. Demand

Types of aircraft we value

We can value any aircraft from Fixed Wing, Rotor Wing ,Turbine Aircraft, Reciprocating Engines and Experimental Aircraft. Please contact us if you need an informed decision and aircraft valuation.

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