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Leonardo Helicopter Insurance

Leonardo Insurance Cost Examples

Leonardo AW109 - Single Pilot, Pro Pilot Experienced, Part 91

Coverage Limits Premium
AW109 Physical Damage $2,500,000 Agreed Value $60,000
Aircraft Liability $10,000,000 Per Occurrence $10,000
Total Annual Premium $70,000

Leonardo AW119 - EMS Dual Pilot

Coverage Limits Premium
AW119 Physical Damage $3,300,000 Agreed Value $90,500
Aircraft Liability $25,000,000 Per Occurrence $25,000
Total Annual Premium $115,500

Leonardo AW139 - Dual Pilot VIP Operations

Coverage Limits Premium
AW139 Physical Damage $6,000,000 Agreed Value $100,000
Aircraft Liability $25,000,000 Per Occurrence $30,000
Total Annual Premium $130,000

Aircraft Summary

Leonardo Helicopters serve several purposes within the helicopter market from Military to Commercial or Modern Luxury travel for VPs and Executives of companies in over 150 countries around the world. Leonardo is an Italian manufacturer specialized in aviation, space, defense and security. 

The helicopter insurance market is very small consisting of 5 to 6 carriers, depending on the operation and risk profile.

Leonardo is one of the five major helicopter manufacturer exhibitors at the Helicopter Association International HAI Heli Expo each year. Each year the Heli Expo is based at a new location to accommodate helicopter operators from around the country and world. 

Liability premium is based on the number of seats and use. The liability premium typically accounts for 15% to 30% of the overall premium. The remaining 70% of the premium is from the hull value. For Leonardo aircraft with a very high hull value, it’s common to see 90% of the overall premium come from the hull value. 

An easy way to estimate or visualize the premium for a Leonardo Helicopter is: 2%, 3%, and 4%.

  • 2% of the hull value for big fleet operators with several aircraft. Also Part 91 operators with very experienced pilots and a good relationship with the insurance company. Also dual pilot operations.
  • 3% for the hull value for single pilot operations and policies that require more service for mid term adjustments to operations
  • 4% for the hull value for Commercial operations like EMS and Oil and Gas Producers landing on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico

HAI is a good place to find resources on the helicopter market and connect with other Leonardo operators alike. 

Models We Cover

  • 109E Power
  • 109SP Grandview
  • 109 Trekker
  • AW119
  • AW139
  • AW169
  • AW189


The best source for valuing the resale value of a Leonardo helicopter is with your local helicopter sales broker. Other resources are Aircraft Bluebook and Controller.com but this info may not give you an accurate value as there are so many variables for the turbine helicopter market. A new Agusta AW189 has twin turbine engines and can cost in excess of $17,000,000. The insurance for helicopters with hull values over $6,000,000 is often placed on a quota share basis where there’s a pool of two or more insurance companies making up 100% of the risk value.

Risk Areas

Overall the helicopter market has been very tough for the aviation insurance companies to make and return on their investment because of the substantially impact and cost of a catastrophic loss. Rates for rotor wing aircraft have been on the rise since 2019. Some operators have seen significant increases in their insurance premium to the likes of 100% increases in a two year period.

Claim History

Leonardo Helicopters are operated by extremely well qualified pilots that complete training at least once a year in the simulator. Leonardo provides great customer services and helps maintain a culture of safety. The design and manufacturing of the aircraft has many decades of experience.

Safety Features

Helicopters do have much higher claims ratio than airplanes, However with Leonardo helicopters being twin turbine powered engines the vast majority of the claims, like all other aircraft, is most commonly related to pilot error. Insurance companies have put a strong emphasis on pilot training. Pilots are required to complete annual simulator training. Insurance companies are encouraging pilots to have an Instrument rating and stay instrument current in the make and model.

Aircraft Insurance Cost Guide

Learn more about the cost of insurance for private pilots based on your aircraft type and the various factors that affect premium rates. Whether you’re seeking owner aircraft insurance or commercial aircraft insurance, this valuable information will help to make an informed decision about the best coverage for you. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Flight Training Centers

Leonardo Flight Training Academy in the US is based Philadelphia and incorporates the use of a full motion level D simulator for each make and model.

See our complete list of approved flight schools for more information.

Parts Service Centers

Leonardo Authorized Service Centers are located throughout the US and throughout the world. 

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