Maule Airplane Insurance

Maule Insurance Cost Examples

Maule - Owner Pilot Experienced

Coverage Limits Premium
Maule Physical Damage $250,000 Agreed Value $1,500
Aircraft Liability $1,000,000 sub $250,000 $750
Total Annual Premium $2,250

Maule - Student Pilot

Coverage Limits Premium
Maule Physical Damage $200,000 Agreed Value $2,800
Aircraft Liability $1,000,000/ $100,000 Per Passenger $1,000
Total Annual Premium $3,800

Aircraft Summary

The Maule is a single engine aircraft with a variety of seating and cargo configurations. It’s commonly used for Short Takeoff and Landing – S.T.O.L flight operations. The backcountry in Alaska is a very common hub for Maule aircraft. Join the Maule family.

The average cost is $200,000.

EAA Oshkosh has a big exhibit and flyin for Maule pilots which is pretty exciting. There’s also the website with forums for discussion.

The hull coverage typically accounts for around 70-80% of the overall premium. The remaining premium is the liability. The highest liability limits available for a Super Cub is $2,000,000 per occurrence. Most owners have low liability limits such as $1,000,000 per occurrence and $100,000 per passenger.

An easy way to estimate or visualize the premium for a Maule is a rate between 1% and 4%.

  • 1% for pilots with a Private Instrument rating and over 500 Total Time
  • 2% for pilots with just a Private Pilot License and over 100 Total Time
  • 3% for Student Pilots working on a Private Pilot License
  • 4% for Student Pilots with a low hull value Maule like $90,000 value
  • 5% is the pilot has previous claims within the past 5 years

Models We Cover

  • MX-7 Series
  • M-7 Series
  • M-9 Series


Maule’s hold their value fairly well along with the rest of the like kind market, such as Cirrus and Cessna. 

Risk Areas

Safety Features

Maule Air has 2,500 aircraft produced and they are still flying today. The engine and airframe manufacturing is great. Most of the accidents happen from pilot error such as a stall in takeoff or landing.

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