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Tecnam Insurance Cost Examples

Tecnam P2010 - Owner Pilot w/ PRIV INST

Coverage Limits Premium
P2010 Physical Damage $650,000 Agreed Value $6,500
Aircraft Liability $1,000,000 Per Occurrence $1,500
Total Annual Premium $8,000

Tecnam P2010 - Owner Pilot with Private working on Instrument

Coverage Limits Premium
P2010 Physical Damage $650,000 Agreed Value $10,500
Aircraft Liability $1,000,000/ $250,000 Per Passenger $3,000
Total Annual Premium $13,500


Aircraft Summary

Tecnam is an Italian aircraft manufacturer that was founded in 1986. They provide a range of aircraft from small two person single engine trainer aircraft with advanced avionics in the P92 to a multi engine aircraft with 750 horsepower.

Tecnam’s biggest exhibit is at EAA Oshkosh in Wisconsin annually where they display many of the best sellers.

A Tecnam P2010 costs around $650,000.

The hull coverage typically accounts for around 70-80% of the overall premium. The remaining premium is the liability. The highest liability limits available for a Tecnam is $2,000,000 per occurrence. Most trainer aircraft have lower liability limits like $1,000,000 sub $250,000 per passenger.

An easy way to estimate or visualize the premium for a Tecnam Aircraft is: 2%, 3%, and 4%.

  • 2% of the hull value for experienced pilots, no dry leases or fractional, pleasure & business operations by an owner pilot
  • 3% of the hull value for experienced pilots, with fractional ownership and more than 3 named pilots
  • 4% of the hull value for flight schools for instruction and rental, Open Pilot Warranty requires CFI or MEI plus 10 hours in make and model

Models We Cover

  • The Gran Lusso
  • P-Mentor
  • P92 Echo MkII
  • P2002
  • P2008
  • Astore
  • P2010
  • P2006T
  • P2012
  • P2006T SMP
  • P2012 SMP


Tecnams hold their value fairly well along with the rest of the like kind market, such as Cirrus and Cessna. 

Risk Areas

The hardest aircraft to insure for Tecnam is a Student Pilot in a high hull value aircraft that want to do their Private Pilot training. An example would be a Student purchasing a Tecnam P2010 brand new with a value of $650,000. 

Claim History

The Tecnams have an average claims history, but one of the risk areas for insurance companies when they quote a Tecnam is the cost to repair and replace parts. Since their service network is smaller than a Cessna or Cirrus, for example, and parts are manufactured in Italy, the cost for repairs can be extensive. 

Safety Features

The Tecnam is a newer manufacturer and has equipped a BRS ballistic parachute in case of an emergency. The avionics are also very advanced for a small trainer aircraft. The P2010 includes a Garmin G1000 NXi. 

Aircraft Insurance Cost Guide

Learn more about the cost of insurance for private pilots based on your aircraft type and the various factors that affect premium rates. Whether you’re seeking owner aircraft insurance or commercial aircraft insurance, this valuable information will help to make an informed decision about the best coverage for you. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Flight Training Centers

Tecnam Flight Training Centers are located throughout the US. https://www.tecnam.com/flight-schools/

Parts Service Centers

Manufacturing is in Italy and the aircraft and parts are then container to the Port of Miami for the aircraft to be assembled in Sebring, Florida. https://www.tecnam.com/locator/

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