Bell Helicopter Insurance

Bell Insurance Cost Examples

Bell 505 - Pro Pilot, 2,500 Total Time and 100 in Make and Model

Coverage Limits Premium
Bell 505 Physical Damage $1,500,000 Agreed Value $29,000
Aircraft Liability $1,000,000 Per Occurrence $3,700
Total Annual Premium $32,700

Bell 505 - Owner Pilot, 1,000 Total Time and 0 in Make and Model

Coverage Limits Premium
Bell 505 Physical Damage $1,500,000 Agreed Value $42,000
Aircraft Liability $1,000,000 Per Occurrence $8,000
Total Annual Premium $50,000

Bell 429 - Pro Pilot, 2,800 Total Time and 50 in Make and Model

Coverage Limits Premium
Bell 429 Physical Damage $8,000,000 Agreed Value $160,000
Aircraft Liability $10,000,000 Per Occurrence $20,000
Total Annual Premium $160,000

Aircraft Summary

Bell Helicopters are operated by both professional pilots and owner pilots. Owners typically fly either the Bell 206, Bell 407 or Bell 505. Bell Helicopters is now referred to as Bell Helicopters Textron, which was a merger that went through in 1976.

Liability premium is based on the number of seats and typically accounts for 15% – 30% of the overall premium. The remaining 70% – 85% is from the hull value premium.

Liability limits on Bell helicopters can range from $1,000,000 to $50,000,000 per occurrence for the larger twin turbine Bell products, such as the Bell 429 or Bell 525.

Deductibles can range from $5,000 In Motion to 5% of the Insured Value.

An easy way to estimate or visualize the premium for a Bell Helicopter is: 2%, 3%, and 4%.

  • 2% of the hull value for owner or pro pilots with high time (ie 2,000 total time) and $1,000,000 liability limit
  • 3% of the hull value for lower time pilots or transitioning pilots. Also for operations requiring higher liability limits like $5,000,000 to $20,000,000
  • 4% of the hull value for lower time pilots, high liability limits, and commercial operations for hire
  • 5% of the hull value for older aircraft and riskier operations like pilots over 70 years old

Models We Cover

  • Bell 206 Jet Ranger
  • Bell 206 Long Ranger
  • Bell 407
  • Bell 412
  • Bell 429
  • Bell 505
  • Bell 525
  • Bell Huey
  • Bell UH-1H
  • Bell APT Delivery Drone
  • Bell Nexus


Bell helicopters hold their value relatively well. This depends largely on the supply and demand of the market and the model. The Bell engine maintenance program requires Time Between Overhaul TBO on the engines every 3,500 to 5,000 hours, depending on type, so that may affect the resale valuation.

Risk Areas

The hardest operations to insure for Bell owners and operators is a new delivery with a high hull value. It’s not uncommon to see Quota Share insurance for helicopters with a hull value over $6,000,000. A brand new Bell 429 is $8,000,000. Quota share means there are two insurance companies taking a 50% share for a total of 100%. It becomes even more difficult if it’s a high hull value owner pilot looking for a new insurance company relationship. Or if the pilot is over 70 years old. You can expect underwriters will be conservative and take a very close look at everything, so provide extremely detailed information.

Claim History

Helicopters have a much higher claim’s ratio than airplanes. The reason for this is because even a small impact like a bird strike or tail boom is often reported as a total loss to the helicopter. Bell Helicopters have some of the best claims history as a helicopter manufacturer. Because there are so many of them (as far as g, insurance companies have a lot of data on the claims history.

Safety Features

Bell helicopters have turbine powered engines which are very reliable compared to reciprocating engines found in other manufacturers. The Bell 505 is the newest Bell product for owner pilots and it includes a Garmin G1000 avionics package that helps with situational awareness SA.

Aircraft Insurance Cost Guide

Learn more about the cost of insurance for private pilots based on your aircraft type and the various factors that affect premium rates. Whether you’re seeking owner aircraft insurance or commercial aircraft insurance, this valuable information will help to make an informed decision about the best coverage for you. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Flight Training Centers

Bell Helicopters has their training center in Fort Worth, TX.

Phone: (800) 368-2355

CAE and FlightSafety also have approved Bell training centers which includes use of a full motion simulator. There are also a number of approved in aircraft training centers from schools or instructors with approved training syllabus for the Bell who the underwriters are familiar with. Here’s a list of our Approved Flight Schools 

See our complete list of approved flight schools for more information.

Parts Service Centers

Bell Helicopters has Authorized Service Centers throughout the US and throughout the world.

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