Aircraft Hull & Liability

How It Is Evaluated

The hull premium aspect of your total annual premium will be anywhere from 60 to 70 percent, which can vary based on what policy you have. Most of your annual premium will be in your hull insurance. You always want to ensure the Hull at whatever the current market value of the aircraft is. By making sure your aircraft is properly valued and not over-insured or underinsured, you will be ensuring that the top underwriting interest is received every single year. Every underwriting company will evaluate the value of your aircraft compared to current Vref, Blue Book, Controller, or varied other sources. If the value of your aircraft is way off compared to market you may want to provide further explanation as to why (new avionics/TBO, interior/engine mods, low/high time).

Liability is about 30 percent of the overall premium and is dependent on the total number of seats.

Aircraft We Serve


Having fostered relationships with the largest and most reputable carriers in aviation, we offer wide-ranging airplane insurance coverage.


We offer comprehensive coverage for drones and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).


We provide a wide array of helicopter insurance coverage and always seek to provide care that is in tune with our customers' specific needs.


No matter the scale, we are able to provide jet insurance coverage that is knowledgable and committed to our clients first.

Meet the Company's Owner

The founder of SunSet Aviation Insurance, Ben Peterson. has been a commercial pilot and flight instructor for over 15 years. In 2012, Ben started this company to help aviation clients around the world with their insurance needs. Since then SA helped hundreds of clients worldwide and has gained trust among the aviation community.

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