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What to do if you have a claim

If you’ve recently had a claim, we understand it can be a stressful time. Our claims handling team will help guide you through the entire process.

  1. Call or Email Us Ben Peterson 561-210-0244 ben@sunsetais.com  you can also report directly to the insurance company
  2. Take pictures of the damages if it’s an aircraft or property
  3. Write a brief description of what happened
  4. We will then get you in touch with your claims adjuster at the insurance company to file the claim
  5. The claims adjuster will contact you with the next steps to secure your aircraft or handle the claim
  6. We will work closely with you and the adjuster to ensure the claim is being handled timely and to your satisfaction

Statement from the insurance companies

If you have a loss

If an occurrence happens, you should notify the Aviation Managers, in writing, as soon as reasonably possible. Include the time and place of the occurrence and the names and addresses of any injured people and witnesses.

What you must do

You agree to notify the police if your aircraft, or any of its parts, is stolen. You will send us copies of all legal documents, including the waiver of subrogation if one exists, if you’re sued or someone files a claim against you. You agree to help us in obtaining and giving evidence, attending hearings and trials, and getting witnesses to testify. And you won’t make any statements without our permission, except to government officials. In addition, you agree not to voluntarily make any payments or take on any other legal responsibility without our permission. If you do, we may not reimburse you – even if the loss or expense would have been covered by your policy. We will reimburse you for money spent for emergency first aid to others at the time of an accident.

You agree to give us a sworn Proof of Loss Statement within ninety (90) days of the loss. You also agree to allow us or anyone we designate to question you under oath and to show us the damaged property and any records you have to prove the loss.


If an aircraft covered under “Your Aircraft Physical Damage Coverage” is damaged, you must do all you can to protect it from further loss. If you don’t, we won’t be responsible for further loss to the aircraft. We will pay all reasonable expenses you incur in protecting your aircraft from further loss.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality safety and loss prevention consulting services to our clients. We help our clients improve the safety of their aviation operations, reduce the potential loss exposures, and offer support for our clients’ ongoing safety initiatives.

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