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Aircraft Insurance Update – February/March 2023

Posted By Benjamin Peterson

Published February 20, 2023

Good Luck in 2023 and Let’s Do Some Deals

Quick market update for aircraft insurance in February 2023. Steady, as she goes.

MakeModelType of PilotHull ValuePremium
DiamondDA62Owner Pilot Transitioning from Cessna 182T$1,400,000$23,000
Honda Jet EliteOwner Pilot 73 Years Old$4,500,000$65,000
CirrusSR22Experienced Pilots$730,000$7,500
CirrusVision JetOwner Pilot w/ 500TT transition from SR22$3,000,000$61,000
CessnaT206HOwner Pilot Experienced$857,00012,000
DaherTBM 910Owner Pilot 71 Years Old$2,900,000$33,000
PiperM600Owner Pilot$2,500,000$25,000
PilatusPC-24Dual Pilot Pilots less than 1,500TT and new to PC-24$14,000,000$50,000
CitationSovereign+Pro Pilot Experienced, A Lot of Claims$9,500,000$55,000
Bell50575 Year Old Pilot, Liability Only$5,500
Bell 429Pro Pilots Experienced$8,000,000$125,000
PiperM600Owner Pilot Experienced$2,500,000$29,000
PilatusPC-24Pro Dual Pilots$14,000,000$53,000
GulfstreamG500US Based$55,000,000$112,500
Aircraft Insurance Quotes, February 2023

What We’ve Learned from Top Stories in 2023 Insurance:

Good luck in 2023 and let’s do some deals!

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