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Beechcraft King Air 250 Airplane Insurance

Beechcraft King Air 250 Insurance Cost Examples

Pro Pilot Experienced in Single Pilot Turbo Props

Coverage Limits Premium
Physical Damage $5,800,000 Agreed Value $42,000
Aircraft Liability $25,000,000 Per Occurrence $10,000
Total Annual Premium $52,000

Dual Pro Pilots

Coverage Limits Premium
Physical Damage $5,800,000 Agreed Value $17,000
Aircraft Liability $10,000,000 Per Occurrence $10,000
Total Annual Premium $27,000

Owner Pilot less than 1,200TT and Dual with Pro Pilot; Dual 100%

Coverage Limits Premium
Physical Damage $5,800,000 Agreed Value $25,000
Aircraft Liability $10,000,000 Per Occurrence $5,000
Total Annual Premium $30,000

Aircraft Summary

The King Air 250’s innovative composite winglets and propellers lower takeoff performance without compromising speed, range, and climb. And with the new Enhanced Payload Option, takeoff weight is increased to 13,420 pounds, adding an impressive 870 pounds of useful load. The 250 is powered by the same hybrid Pratt & Whitney engine as the 200GT: the -52 model. While the Dash 52 is still limited to 850 shp, its thermodynamic range climbs up to 1,050 shp, allowing for higher altitude propulsion than the Dash 42. As expected with PT-6 engines that are not fadec-controlled, engine management necessitates a dedicated pilot for operation.

Models We Cover

Beechcraft King Air 250


The average price range for the King Air 250s produced within the last five years falls between $3,400,000 and $5,800,000. Textron started producing King Air 250 in 2011 and stopped the production in 2021.

275 King Air 250 have been produced and 273 are still in operation.

Risk Areas

Risk areas for insurance involve insuring an expensive King Air 250 flown single pilot. Insuring pilots over 75 years old for single pilot operations can generate less underwriting interest, and the underwriters may request a succession plan for the older pilot. One particular leading King Air insurance company has required a minimum of 1,500 hours total time prior to being listed as an approved pilot for solo/PIC operations.

King Air 250 flown by pilots transitioning from much smaller aircraft and less experienced pilots pose a higher risk for insurance companies. Insurance companies will require pilots to have undergone full-motion simulator-based training within the preceding 12 months. If the pilots have less than 1,500 hours total time, insurance companies will require initial training plus a certain amount of dual mentor pilot time prior to solo.

Insurance rates for single pilot can start as low as 0.7% of the hull value. For dual pilot it can be as low as 0.3% of the hull value, but that’s for experienced pilots that are both 12 month simulator current in make and model.

Claim History

King Air has a good claims history. Pilot error and maintenance problems are the most common causes of accidents.

The King Air 250 PT6A-52 is reliable and the aircraft has great safety features to reduce the risk of accidents caused by weather, pilot error and other factors.

Some other common claims are FOD, hangar rash, hard landings, bird strikes and runway overruns.

Safety Features

The Pratt and Whitney PT6A-52 turboprop engine serves extremely well. Compared to some other aircraft, the Beechcraft King Air 250 stands out because of its ability to take off on shorter runways.

The King Air 250 engine is fitted with the Pro Line Fusion avionics suite that offers maximum safety. It features a standard Synthetic Vision System (SVS) and enhanced situational awareness.

The Pro Line Fusion avionics suite also integrates other cutting-edge technology for safety. This includes a Graphical Flight Planning System, integrated charts and maps, Engine-Indicating and Crew-Alerting System (EICAS).

There’s also a Weather Radar System (WXR), Integrated Terrain Awareness and Warning System (ITAWS), Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance (TCAS I) and Automatic Flight Guidance System (AFGS). All of these features help guarantee safety from take-off to landing.

Aircraft Insurance Cost Guide

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Flight Training Centers

Beechcraft and Textron Flight Training Centers are located throughout the US and throughout the world.

Parts Service Centers

Beechcraft has the same authorized service centers as Cessna because they are both owned by Textron Aviation. Beechcraft Authorized Service Centers are located throughout the US and throughout the world.

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