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Beechcraft Super King Air 350 / 350C / 350i / 350iER Airplane Insurance

Beechcraft Super King Air 350 / 350C / 350i / 350iER Insurance Cost Examples

Pro Pilot Experienced in Single Pilot Turbo Props

Coverage Limits Premium
Physical Damage $7,500,000 Agreed Value $65,000
Aircraft Liability $25,000,000 Per Occurrence $15,000
Total Annual Premium $70,000

Dual Pro Pilots

Coverage Limits Premium
Physical Damage $7,500,000 Agreed Value $22,000
Aircraft Liability $50,000,000 Per Occurrence $10,000
Total Annual Premium $32,000

Owner Pilot with 1,100TT and Dual with Pro Pilot; Dual 100%

Coverage Limits Premium
Physical Damage $7,500,000 Agreed Value $28,000
Aircraft Liability $10,000,000 Per Occurrence $12,000
Total Annual Premium $40,000

Aircraft Summary

The 350: a model 300 with an extended fuselage, wing span and MGTOW, plus winglet technology to optimize range and Aeronautical Regulatory Authority certification. Serial number FL-358 was never produced, while FL-664 was converted to a 350C variant.
The B300C, commonly known as the King Air 350C, is available to order as the 350iC and 350iCER. 35 of these aircraft have been built and delivered as of late 2009, with one modified for aerial surveillance for the Swiss Air Force and five having additional hardpoints fitted pre-delivery as 350CERs. Furthermore, with Service Bulletin SB 34-3507, this aircraft can become RVSM certified. Pro Line 21 avionics come standard on later models.
The Model 350i – The Ideal Fit for a Variety of Missions. “FlexCabin” Configurable, 78dBA Cabin Noise, and Rockwell Collins’ Venue CMS with 15.3-inch Monitor and USB Docking Stations.
Textron Aviation offers the King Air 350iER option to anyone seeking enhanced range/endurance or fuel tanking capabilities. This option provides an additional fuel tank in the upper rear portion of each engine nacelle, increasing total fuel capacity from 3,611 lbs. to 5,192 lbs. To support the additional weight, the aircraft is outfitted with increased max takeoff weight of 16,500 lbs., courtesy of a reinforced landing gear system.

Models We Cover

Beechcraft King Air 350
Beechcraft King Air 350C
Beechcraft King Air 350i
Beechcraft King Air 350iER


The King Air 350 / 350C / 350i / 350iER price falls between $1,100,000 for an older King Air 350 to $6,500,000 for the newer King Air 350iER. The King Air 350 started production in 1989 and ended with 350iER in 2020. There is a total of 1,276 King Air 350 models in service worldwide as of today.

Risk Areas

King Air 350 models flown by pilots transitioning from smaller pilots and aircraft with dissimilar engines are risky to insure. Insurance companies consider qualified pilots to have at least a private license, with 1,500 total hours, 500 Multi-Engine, 100 Multi-Engine Turboprop, and full motion simulator based make and model training at CAE Simuflite, Simcom, or FlightSafety.

If you do not have the required flight hours, a surcharge would be applied. This will gradually decrease as your flight hours approach the required flight experience.

Less experienced pilots pose a higher risk for insurance companies. If the pilot has zero turbine time, the insurance company will require a mentor pilot who meets the minimum Open Pilot Warranty requirements.

Experienced pilots are also expected to have undergone a full-motion simulator-based training program within the preceding 12 months.

Claim History

The King Air 350 aircraft family has a good claim history. It has a low accident record, and most aircraft accidents were caused by pilot errors, weather, and icing. Some other common claims are FOD, hangar rash, hard landings, bird strikes, and runway overruns.

Safety Features

The Beechcraft Super King Air 350 series, being one of the best in its class, has great safety features. The different models of the King Air 350 have their unique features. Each model improves on the specifications of its predecessor to provide a more comfortable and safe flight.

The Pro Line 21 includes the FMS-3000 flight management system, dual flight directors, fail-passive autopilot and Global Positioning System (GPS). It also has a dual solid-state attitude heading reference system (AHRS), dual digital air data computers and turbulence detection radar.

The last upgrade, the King Air 350iER, features a synthetic vision and enhanced situational awareness. There’s also access to critical information such as waypoints, routing, weather and all flight planning tools.

Other avionics features include Engine-indicating and crew-alerting system (EICAS), Dual flight management system (FMS), MultiScan weather radar, Integrated terrain awareness and warning system (iTAWS) and Traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS II).

Aircraft Insurance Cost Guide

Learn more about the cost of insurance for private pilots based on your aircraft type and the various factors that affect premium rates. Whether you’re seeking owner aircraft insurance or commercial aircraft insurance, this valuable information will help to make an informed decision about the best coverage for you. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Flight Training Centers

Beechcraft and Textron Flight Training Centers are located throughout the US and throughout the world.

Parts Service Centers

Beechcraft has the same authorized service centers as Cessna because they are both owned by Textron Aviation. Beechcraft Authorized Service Centers are located throughout the US and throughout the world.

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