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Cirrus SR22 Airplane Insurance

Cirrus SR22 Insurance Cost Examples

Cirrus SR22 - Student Working on PRIV

Coverage Limits Premium
Physical Damage $800,000 $19,500
Aircraft Liability $1,000,000 sub $100,000 per passenger $1,500
Total Premium $21,000

Cirrus SR22 - PRIV working on INST

Coverage Limits Premium
Physical Damage $800,000 $12,500
Aircraft Liability $1,000,000 sub $200,000 per passenger $1,500
Total Premium $14,000

Cirrus SR22 - PRIV and INST

Coverage Limits Premium
Physical Damage $800,000 $7,000
Aircraft Liability $2,000,000 per occurrence $1,000
Total Premium $8,000

Aircraft Summary

The Cirrus SR22 was first built in 2001 Duluth, Minnesota after the initial SR20 in 1999. The Sr22 is the more powerful version with a 310 horsepower Continental engine. The things that made the Cirrus SR22 unique was a ballistic parachute, side stick flight controls, glass cockpit, composite materials, and high quality interiors. The Cirrus SR22 has sold more aircraft than any other since 2003. You could basically say the Cirrus SR22 is the GOAT. The former best was the Cessna 172. Today there are over 7,000 SR22 aircraft that have been built. Between the SR20 and SR22 these general aviation aircraft account for over 30% of the entire reciprocating engine aircraft market.

What originally made the SR22 unique was the ramp appearance and safety features. It was built with composite materials so there was much less sheet metal and rivets to look at. It also has a ballistic parachute that shoots out of the top of the fuselage in case of emergency while in flight. The parachute system will return the aircraft safely to ground. The side stick is also very unique considering all other training and piston aircraft used a traditional center yoke. The Avidyne avionics glass cockpit was used until 2007 and Cirrus made the switch to the Garmin Perspective, which is basically the same as the Garmin G1000. The SR22 engine is a 310 horsepower high performance piston Continental IO-550.

A brand new Cirrus SR22 fully loaded can cost as much as $1,200,000.

Some competitors to the Cirrus SR22 are the Diamond DA40, DA42, and DA50, Tecnam P2010, and P2012, Cessna 400, Cessna 206, and Beechcraft Bonanza.

Models We Cover

Cirrus SR22


As of February 2023, the price range for a Cirrus SR22 is $336,000 – $1,300,000. The price depends on the year it was built. It also depends on the overall condition which includes interior, avionics, airframe hours, engine hours, and parachute repack hours.

Pre-buy inspections are conducted when the Cirrus SR22 is listed for sale and will include a review of the maintenance logs, and any maintenance related issues that will require repair prior to the sale.

For insurance, Cirrus SR22 aircraft are used for either Part 91 Pleasure & Business by owner pilots or Part 61/141 Instruction and Rental by flight schools.

Risk Areas

Some of the newer Cirrus SR22 are very expensive. As much as $1,300,000. With such a high value the underwriters at the insurance companies will require a significant amount of detail about the operation. Student Pilots may be required to fly up to 30 hours dual prior to solo. The Flight Instructor will have to have a lot of experience or by a Cirrus Standardized Instructor (CSIP). Pilots may be required to complete the Cirrus Embark Training.

Here are the potentially higher priced premiums for newer Cirrus SR22s: Student Pilots, Pilots over 70 years old, over 3 named pilots on the policy, and over 2 fractional ownership.

Claim History

The Cirrus SR22 is used for both Part 91 Pleasure & Business and Part 61/141 Instruction & Rental by flight schools. The typical claims are hard landings, runway incursions, and hangar rash. The SR22 is the #1 general aviation produced aircraft since 2003. Insurance companies have a large sample set to base their insurance rates. Claims are relatively low and predictable to underwrite.

Safety Features

The Cirrus SR22 is equipped with a ballistic parachute in case of emergency. Cirrus calls this the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). Since 2008, the Cirrus SR22 avionics have been Garmin. Cirrus calls it the Garmin Perspective. In other aircraft manufacturers it’s called the G1000. The SR22’s avionics includes synthetic vision for enhanced situational awareness when flying instruments. It’s called the Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT).

Insurance rates for a Cirrus SR22 are low. They start at 1% of the hull value. It’s a safe and profitable manufacturer for insurance companies to underwrite.

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