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Daher-Socata TBM-850 Airplane Insurance

Daher-Socata TBM-850 Insurance Cost Examples

Daher TBM 850 - Owner Pilot Transitioning from SR22

Coverage Limits Premium
Physical Damage $3,000,000 $35,000
Aircraft Liability $2,000,000 per occurrence $7,000
Total Premium $42,000

Daher TBM 850 - Owner Pilot w/ 1,500 Total Time

Coverage Limits Premium
Physical Damage $3,000,000 $28,000
Aircraft Liability $2,000,000 per occurrence $6,000
Total Premium $34,000

Daher TBM 850 - Experienced

Coverage Limits Premium
Physical Damage $3,000,000 $22,000
Aircraft Liability $5,000,000 per occurrence $6,000
Total Premium $28,000

Aircraft Summary

The TBM-850 offers an incredibly fast cruise speed of 320 KTAS at FL260, as well as the convenience of the Garmin G1000 Integrated All-Glass Flight Deck, which was first introduced on mid-2007 models. This aircraft has been completely remodeled to provide more passenger comfort and space, as well as a 110-pound increase in its useful load. In 2013, the TBM-850 ELITE was released, featuring enhanced cockpit features and customizable seating configurations. Serial numbers 610 and higher are ELITE configured, while serial number 499 was never produced.

Models We Cover

Daher TBM 850


The price range of a Socata or Daher TBM 850 is $1,548,000 – $2,605,000. It was built from 2006 – 2013. Socata upgraded to the newer and more expensive TBM 900 type in 2014. The price range for a TBM 850 largely depends on what year it was built and any accident history on the airframe. If it’s being listed for sale, a pre-buy inspection will determine if there’s airframe or engine repairs that are needed. Corrosion is also a hot topic in pre-buy inspections.

There were 338 TBM 850 aircraft that were built by Socata. As of 2023, there are 323 in operation.

For insurance, the TBM 850s are mainly flown as Pleasure & Business by owner pilots.

Risk Areas

A common age group for TBM 850s is pilots over 60 years old and as pilots approach 70, insurance always becomes a topic of discussion. Most pilots will be cut off from insurance for single pilot operations between 75 – 80 years old. Leading up, they will see increased rates, reduced liability limits, and more strict pilots warranties such as annual medical and EKG.

Pilots that are upgrading to a TBM 850 from a smaller piston aircraft such as a Cirrus SR22 or Cessna 206 are going to have higher rates for the first few years until they build up their make and model time to 200+ hours and a few recurrent training sessions completed.

Claim History

The TBM 850 is primarily a Part 91 Pleasure & Business owner flown aircraft. Most claims are pilot related such as hard landings, prop strikes from unstabilized approaches or improper taxiing, runway incursions, and hangar rash. Engine FOD is also a common claim.

Safety Features

The TBM 850 has the Garmin G1000 NXi avionics and a PT6 engine, two of the most reliable products in General Aviation.

Insurance rates for the TBM 850 start around 1% of the hull value for well qualified pilots and can be as high as 2% for less experienced pilots transitioning from a piston such as a Cirrus SR22.

Aircraft Insurance Cost Guide

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Daher TBM has factory approved training centers throughout the US and throughout the world. We also have a master list of flight schools by aircraft

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Daher Authorized Service Centers are located throughout the US and throughout the world. Daher’s corporate headquarters are based at the Pompano Beach Airport in Florida.

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