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Meet Ben at NBAA’s Owner/Single-Pilot Operator Pavilion

Posted By Benjamin Peterson

Published October 1, 2021

Ben Peterson, founder of Sunset Aviation Insurance, will be on site at NBAA’s new Owner/Single-Pilot Operator Pavilion on October 12-13, 2021 in Las Vegas. Available by appointment at 561-210-0244, Ben will answer questions about aviation insurance and discuss topics such as:

  • Estimating premiums in a hardening market
  • The use of quota sharing for insuring high hull value, single-pilot aircraft
  • Training options to help become safer and more insurable.

The new pavilion will be located at the outdoor aircraft static display at Henderson Executive Airport, about 10 miles south of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Shuttles will be available between the convention hall and Henderson Airport.

The pavilion will be aimed toward owners and pilots of single-pilot rated business aircraft such as:

  • Cessna Citation CJ/M2 series
  • Cirrus SF-50 VisionJet
  • Embraer Phenom 100/300
  • Pilatus PC-24/PC-12
  • Daher TBM series
  • Piper M350/500/600

The pavilion will also showcase owner pilot associations, host presentations from OEMs and suppliers, and provide networking opportunities. Textron Aviation, Smartsky Networks and Daher are scheduled to present on Tuesday, October 12. SierraTrax, Charlie Precourt, Embraer, and Pratt & Whitney Canada are all scheduled to present on Wednesday, October 13. Note that the pavilion will not be open on the last day of the show (Oct. 14).

Since Sunset Aviation will not have a booth at the Owner/Single-Pilot Operator Pavilion, Ben can be reached during the show at 760-331-8166. 

Benjamin Peterson

Graduated from the University of North Dakota with a degree in Commercial Aviation as a Pilot and Flight Instructor. My first professional job was working for Cirrus Aircraft as an instructor.

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